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SNP: Fishing sector will consolidate the Peruvian economy in 2020

SNP: Fishing sector will consolidate the Peruvian economy in 2020

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Thursday, 23 July 2020 16:00

The fishing industry will contribute US $ 1 billion

in foreign exchange for the country

Lima - The National Fisheries Society (SNP) reported today that anchovy landings in the First Fishing Season 2020 in the central north of the country amounted to 2.33 million metric tons (MT), which is equivalent to 96.7% of the total of the quota granted by PRODUCE, which was 2.41 million MT.

The president of the SNP, Cayetana Aljovín, commented that, facing the new context due to COVID-19, the fishing industry designed strict biosecurity protocols both for the maintenance stage and for the operation in fleet and plant. This required an investment of more than S / 41.3 million, and made the fishing sector a benchmark for other industries in the implementation of security protocols.

"In this period of national emergency, fishing will underpin the badly battered national economy by contributing around US $ 1 billion in foreign exchange for the country, as a result of exports of fishmeal and fish oil," she stressed.

The union leader also highlighted the good health of the anchovy biomass, which in the last 15 years has remained stable. "An example of this is reported by the IMARPE Summer Cruise, which reported that there was a biomass of the north central stock of 10.1 million MT," she noted.

Likewise, it indicated that although IMARPE recommended 23% as a maximum percentage of fishing for juveniles; to date according to PRODUCE, the percentage of total catch of juveniles is 8%. "It is clear that the fishing industry is committed to the protection of juveniles, as the recommended percentage of fishing has not been exceeded," she said.

Contribution of fishing

The head of the SNP also reported that, according to a recent report prepared by Apoyo Consultoría, 1.5% of GDP is generated by the extraction and fishing industry. She added that when the indirect effect is added - through interindustrial linkages - the impact rises to 2.5% of GDP.


“As for the generation of employment - so urgent in the current situation - the fishing sector contributes with 700 thousand jobs. Of these, more than 112 thousand jobs are generated by the extraction and fishing industry. In addition, according to the Peruvian Institute of Economy, for each direct job in this area, three indirect jobs are activated, "explained the union leader.

Finally, she added that the fishing sector generates US $ 3,300 million in foreign currency, representing 7% of Peru's total exports. "Of this total, the export of fishmeal and fish oil represents 4.7%, and occupies the third place of traditional shipments in our economy," she concluded.

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