CoronaVirus: AEON supermarket supports the sale of products with little demand

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Thursday, 19 March 2020 10:35

As consumption of high-quality seafood,

such as sea urchins and crabs, has declined due to the spread of the new coronavirus, Aeon, one of Japan's top supermarkets, has launched a support sale that sells products. marine at less than half the usual price.

In this store, Sea Urchin roe, which generally costs around 10,000 yen, costs 3980 yen. Fishing for red fish that generally cost 1,000 yen or more sells for 598 yen. AEON will carry sales of marine products support in some stores in Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa for three days starting this Friday.

The spread of the new coronavirus has reduced the number of foreign visitors to Japan and the increase in consumers who abstain from eating out, which is affecting prices.

"I want to satisfy the need to eat delicious food on weekends" (Kinzo Matsumoto, AEON Department of Retail Fish Products)

At Aeon, there are many items that are generally too expensive to be displayed in supermarkets, so they said they would like to support them while doing luxury luxuries.

Wholesale prices at Toyosu Market (Koto-ku, Tokyo) are down approximately 30% from a year earlier. A strong sale strategy was decided to support consumption.

Source: FIS

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