Seafood catches and exports fell in 2019

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Thursday, 06 February 2020 11:18

ARGENTINA; Seafood catches totaled 775,000 tons in 2019,

2.1% below the 792,000 tons recorded in 2018.

The decline is explained by the sharp decline in the capture of crustaceans and mollusks, according to a report by the IES consultant firm.

Meanwhile, the apparent consumption of fishery products in 2019 was 349,000 tons, which marks a 2.8% drop compared to 359,000 tons in 2018.

Seafood exports in 2019 generated USD 1781 million, 14.3% below USD 2078 million in 2018.

As for the volume of shipments, 464,000 tons were sent abroad, 2.8% down from 2018.

During 2019, external purchases amounted to USD 154 million, 25.2% below USD 206 million in 2018.

The volume of imports last year totaled 38,000 tons, a decrease of 15.7% over the 45,000 tons imported  in 2018.

The main destination of exports of fishery products during 2019 was China, with a 25.5% share of the total value, equivalent to USD 454 million. Spain ranked second, with 24.6% and USD 438 million.

Regarding the countries of origin of seafood imports last year, three stood out notably in terms of value: Ecuador, with 38.2%; Chile with 34.8% and Thailand with 16.5%.

Alejandro Ovando, director of IES Consultores, believes that "if the Government maintains a competitive exchange rate and manages to hold public credit open, the activity will have the potential to sustain its expansion with new investments."

Source: La Capital

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