First reports of shrimp survey show heterogeneous results

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019 08:50


A survey on shrimp ditribution in national waters, between parallels 41°and 47° S, is leaving in the hands of the authorities an important collecion of information to analyze and discuss the eventual opening of subzones.

The data come from the registers issued by the 41 scientific observers of the INIDEP embarked on an identical number of vessels integrated to the commercial evaluation of the crustacean, which began last Thursday in fifteen subareas.

Originally it was expected  that 45 vessels would participate in the survey. However, the extraordinary inspections ordered by Prefectura practically on the hour of the sailings altered the initial working plan.

First data
In principle, areas with good yields were detected and others with absence of shellfish or small specimens. In spite of the heterogeneous results, National Fisheries Undersecretary Juan Bosch said the was satisfied by the dimension of the work.

"What was being sought was precisely that: to have information as never before had been available about where the fish is, where it is smaller or bigger. In several subzones the resource was detected; in others we did not and we closed them", Bosch told

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For example, subzones 1, 4 and 7, located in front of the mouth of the San Jorge Gulf, were closed due to an excess of juveniles. The same ocurred tiwh the subareas 1 and 3, towards the north, between 41 ° and 42 °, due to low yields.

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The vessels that were operating in both sectors were redistributed in others in order to improve the quality of the evaluation of the resource.

The work carried out by  the freezer and fresh fish vessels between Thursday and Saturday indicates that in other subareas there was a higher catching level with a variable index for hake, another key aspect for the final consideration.

In the Fisheries Undesecretariat, they estimate that the final report of the survey will be available on Tuesday, once all the data from the totality of the ships have been processed. It will also be analyzed if it is necessary to add a few more days of evaluation.

This will allow discussing the opening of some subareas. "I calculate that for Wednesday we will discuss it in the Federal Fisheries Council," Bosch said.

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