Argentine shrimp can reenter the Brazilian market

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Monday, 10 June 2019 10:32

The Court of First Instance of Brazil has announced its ruling, which suspends the precautionary measure filed in October 2013 by the Brazilian Association of Shrimp Breeders (ABCC), banning Argentine exports of shrimp and prawns to Brazil.

The Secretary of the Government of Agribusiness of the Nation reports that the sentence of the Brazilian Court of First Instance is based on several scientific articles that show that the exports of shrimp and prawns from Argentina do not represent a real and effective risk for Brazil. In this way, the joint scientific work that both countries carried out and which concluded in March 2013 is endorsed.

Although the decision of the Brazilian Court can be appealed within 15 days of its publication, the simple filing of the appeal will not be sufficient to prohibit the importation of prawns and shrimps of Argentine origin, clarifies the Secretariat.

The Agribussnes Secretariat stands out that the Argentine fishing sector is highly competitive and represents great commercial opportunities and productive growth given its strong export bias. Between 2016 and 2018, the total Argentine exports of shrimp to the world averaged 176,000 tons, equivalent to USD 1,167 million per year. The European Union is the main destination for shrimp exports, followed by China, which registered an increase of 39 percent in volume in the last year, compared to 2017.

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