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Wednesday, 29 May 2019 08:53

A representative delegation from Japan will visit the III Global Fishery Forum in St. Petersburg on 10–11 July 2019. Officials and representatives of industry associations from one of the

main fishing nations in the Asia-Pacific region will take part in business programme events.

The role of fishing in the economic development of the Japanese city of Kushiro will be discussed by its Mayor, Hiroya Ebina, at the roundtable “Fisheries: social dimension as a factor in the development of territories”.


Representatives of Japan’s major fisheries associations will also attend the Global Fishery Forum 2019. Among those planning to come are Sekiichi Kanai, member of the Board of Directors of the Japan Deep Sea Trawlers Association and President of Kanai Gyogyo; Seiji Haraguchi, Executive Director of the Hokkaido Trawl Fisheries Cooperative Federation; and Shigeki Himori, Managing Director of the Kushiro Fishermen’s Association.

For the third year running, Japan has been a participant in the Global Fishery Forum and International Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology. Japanese cutting-edge developments presented at previous exhibitions always attracted a lot of attention from visitors.

The Land of the Rising Sun actively cooperates with Russia in the sphere of fishery, including joint management of aquatic bioresources within the framework of international commissions (the North Pacific Fisheries Commission, or NPFC), scientific and technical cooperation. Russia and Japan have concluded agreements to counter IUU fishing and the two countries also provide each other with fish and shellfish quotas in their national waters and conduct joint scientific expeditions every year.

“Japan is one of our key partners in the Northeast Pacific; the fisheries sector is very developed there and plays a huge role in the economy and national food security,” said Ilya Shestakov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia and Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery. “We are interested not only in modern Japanese fish production and processing technologies, but also in the experience of organizing fishery clusters and developing coastal areas,” he added.

In addition to Japan, representatives of other Asia-Pacific countries are planning to participate in the Forum and Exhibition.

The III Global Fishery Forum and International Exhibition of Fish Industry, Seafood and Technology (Seafood Expo Russia) will be held in St. Petersburg from 10 to 12 July 2019. The venue will be the ExproForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.


The official website of the Global Fishery Forum: fishexpoforum.com

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Organizer: The Federal Agency for Fishery (Rosrybolovstvo) regulates extraction, preservation and reproduction of aquatic bioresources. The agency is responsible for organizing fishery and scientific support for fishing, developing aquaculture (fish breeding), supervising safety of navigation of fishing fleet vessels and performing rescue operations in fishing areas, as well as fish conservation measures.

Rosrybolovstvo's tasks include ensuring sustainable development of the fishing industry, which makes a significant contribution to the food security of the country and is a driver of economic growth for coastal regions.

The Russian Federation accounts for more than 5.5 percent of global fish production, the fourth biggest in the world. In 2018, Russian fishermen achieved a record catch of 5 million tonnes of aquatic bioresources, the highest in the last quarter century and almost 5% above the previous year's level.

With information support from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

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