Fisheries Ministry to establish an insurance scheme for fisher community

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SRI LANKA: State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, Dilip Wedaarachchi, said he expects to introduce a new insurance scheme soon for the fishermen that will benefit their families as well.

Pledging to uplift the fisheries industry in coming years in collaboration with the National Fisheries Federation, State Minister Wedaarachchi said he has initiated the program of Blue Economy for the development of the Sri Lanka's fisheries Industry.

Chinese official promises Fiji processing jobs, training for fisheries access

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China’s top fisheries official has promised Fiji major investments in processing and training in return for access to its waters.

Speaking to officials at Fiji’s Ministry of Fisheries in Navu, Yu Kangzhen told his hosts, “We have huge potential for cooperation,” and promised China would create employment locally in processing, warehousing, and research facilities.

New study shows fish rich diets may increase mercury toxic levels in women

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WORLDWIDE:A new study covering 25 countries found toxic levels of mercury in women from Alaska to Chile and Indonesia to Kenya due to fish-rich diets and to industrial pollution.

These researchers from IPEN found that women in the Pacific islands were the most pervasively contaminated as a result from their reliance on eating fish, which concentrate the mercury pollution found across the world’s oceans and much of which originates from coal burning.

FDA: Only ice can be used for preserving fish

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INDIA: The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is awaiting laboratory reports of the fish samples drawn from Margao and Panaji markets last week.

Salim Veljee, director, FDA told TOI on Monday that the samples were taken to examine if formalim was used as a preservative. They are expected to receive the reports on Wednesday.

Pacific Tuna Forum 2017 - Opened Today with lots of exciting happenings!

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The 6 th Pacific Tuna Forum, the biggest tuna industry gathering in the Western and Central Pacific region is to be scheduled on 13-14 September 2017 at the 6-star The Stanley Hotel & Suites, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The largest tuna convention of the Pacific is expected to be attended by more than 250 delegates with over 30 well known speakers are set to speak at the event.

Iceland looks to the future of aquaculture

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ICELAND: A working group appointed by the Ministry of Fisheries has delivered its findings, stating the obvious with its conclusions that the establishment of a heavyweight aquaculture industry should be done alongside protecting natural environments and upholding sustainable practices.

Fish database could identify fraud and substitution

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UNITED STATES: A team of scientists ensures that they are making strides toward the development of a protein database capable of definitively identifying fish species.

This study result could help nab imposters of salmon, tuna and other popular fish before they reach people’s plates.

These researchers stress that fish can be tagged with misleading names at numerous points along their journey from the docks to processing plants to retail establishments.

Shrimp Exports: India turns world No 1 in 2016

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INDIA: India claimed the top spot in shrimp exports to the global market in 2016 with an unprecedented 14.5% growth over the previous year, according to a trade report by FAO’s Globefish, which is responsible for information and analysis on international fish trade and markets. The report says that India also achieved the distinction of 130% growth in the exports of value-added shrimp, growing from 10,100 tonne in 2015 to 23,400 tonne in 2016, mostly directed to the US market.

Fisheries Call For A Four Month Fishing Ban On Grouper Fish

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FIJI: Fiji needs to put in place a seasonal ban to stop the harvesting and sales of groupers (kawakawa and donu) from June to September each year.

The call has been made by Minister for Fisheries, Mr Semi Koroilavesau after a survey that was conducted since 2003 to 2016 confirming that about 70 per cent of aggregation sites that were identified are now declining.

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