Seychelles announces creation of two new marine protected areas

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SEYCHELLES: The Government of Seychelles announced two new Marine Protected Areas covering 210,000 square kilometers (81,000 square miles) created as part of the debt-for-conservation deal designed by conservation group The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
As part of the debt conversion deal, Seychelles committed to increasing its marine protection from just 0.04 percent of its Exclusive Economic Zone to a full 30 percent. These first designations cover an area the size of Great Britain and represent the first half of the 410,000 square kilometers that will be protected by 2022.

Fisheries sector registers important advance in January, thanks to anchovy

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PERU: The Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) announced that the fisheries sector registered an important advance in January this year, thanks to the good anchovy catches obtained during the second fishing season in the north-central zone of the Peruvian coast.

"The maximum anchovy catch was achieved last January. Nearly half a million tonnes (of anchovy) was caught and we are waiting for information on the anchovy fishery," said Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Hector Soldi.

Scanning techniques, another tool to address abuses in the fishing industry

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THAILAND: The Government of Thailand is reinforcing measures to eliminate human trafficking in its fisheries industry, following claims of widespread abuse by a human rights group.
As part of thispoliticy, the country started using optical scanning technology to keep track of workers on fishing boats, labor ministry officials said. The government is also adopting measures for facial and fingerprint scanning.

Company plans to process shrimp fishery waste in Chubut

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ARGENTINA: The Newsan Group plans to develop a large-scale project to process organic waste generated by the fishing sector in the province of Chubut, whose amount is estimated at 50,000 tonnes per year.
The initiative was transferred to the Minister of Environment and Control of Sustainable Development, Ignacio Agulleiro, in a meeting with representatives of the company, reported El Patagónico.

Japan Eager to Develop Cooperation on Fisheries & Aquaculture

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MOROCCO: State Secretary for Fisheries, Mbarka Bouaida, held recently in Japan talks with several Japanese senior officials, which focused on the means to develop cooperation between the two countries on fisheries and aquaculture.
During her visit to Japan (Feb. 6-8), Bouaida, who was accompanied by Director of the National Aquaculture Development Agency, Majida Maarouf, and Morocco’s ambassador to Japan, Rachad Bouhlal, met with several senior Japanese officials to learn about Japan's know-how in the areas of aquaculture and fisheries and to deepen collaboration in these fields, said a release by the National Aquaculture Development Agency.

Self-sufficient in fish, meat

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BANGLADESH : Riding on the recent revolution in fish and livestock farming, Bangladesh for the first time achieved self-sufficiency in animal protein, according to a government report.
Against a demand of 40.50 lakh tonnes of fish, Bangladesh recorded surplus fish production with an annual output of 41.34 lakh tonnes in 2016-17, according to the latest report of the Department of Fisheries.

Safe Tuna Catch gets USD 5 million to develop low-mercury fish products

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UNITED STATES: Safe Catch, a San Francisco, CA-based food tech startup, recently got USD 5 million in seed funding to develop more fish products with very low mercury content.
The funds, provided by Echo Capital, Essential Investments, and other investors, will help the company expand its product range, which includes a line of bagged tuna seasoned with "real spice blends", canned Ahi tuna and canned and bagged salmon.

New strategies promoted to value aquaculture by-products

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SPAIN: The technological institute AZTI leads a project that seeks to promote sustainable aquaculture and the efficient use of resources through the promotion of innovation and the transfer of knowledge in the field of the valorisation of aquaculture by-products.
The initiative, called Valacui, will be developed throughout 2018 with the collaboration of the Spanish Technological Platform of Fisheries and Aquaculture (PTEPA). The Biodiversity Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, through the Pleamar Program, co-financed by the FEMP, will also collaborate.

Anfaco-Cecopesca to participate in the EC meeting on Brexit

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SPAIN: Anfaco-Cecopesca, through its General Secretary, Juan Vieites, will participate this Tuesday in a meeting with Michel Barnier, head of negotiations of the European Commission with the United Kingdom on its march of the European Union, which will take place in the Representation of the European Commission offices in Madrid.

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