Iceland looks to the future of aquaculture

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ICELAND: A working group appointed by the Ministry of Fisheries has delivered its findings, stating the obvious with its conclusions that the establishment of a heavyweight aquaculture industry should be done alongside protecting natural environments and upholding sustainable practices.

Fish database could identify fraud and substitution

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UNITED STATES: A team of scientists ensures that they are making strides toward the development of a protein database capable of definitively identifying fish species.

This study result could help nab imposters of salmon, tuna and other popular fish before they reach people’s plates.

These researchers stress that fish can be tagged with misleading names at numerous points along their journey from the docks to processing plants to retail establishments.

Shrimp Exports: India turns world No 1 in 2016

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INDIA: India claimed the top spot in shrimp exports to the global market in 2016 with an unprecedented 14.5% growth over the previous year, according to a trade report by FAO’s Globefish, which is responsible for information and analysis on international fish trade and markets. The report says that India also achieved the distinction of 130% growth in the exports of value-added shrimp, growing from 10,100 tonne in 2015 to 23,400 tonne in 2016, mostly directed to the US market.

Fisheries Call For A Four Month Fishing Ban On Grouper Fish

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FIJI: Fiji needs to put in place a seasonal ban to stop the harvesting and sales of groupers (kawakawa and donu) from June to September each year.

The call has been made by Minister for Fisheries, Mr Semi Koroilavesau after a survey that was conducted since 2003 to 2016 confirming that about 70 per cent of aggregation sites that were identified are now declining.

FAO WriteShop 3 on Responsible Management of Bacterial Diseases in Aquaculture, 3-5 August 2017, Putrajaya, Malaysia

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One of the most serious pathogen groups causing devastating effects to cultured species in aquaculture are bacterial pathogens. However, not so much attention is given to this group because they rarely act as primary pathogens but rather most commonly as opportunistic pathogens on already damaged or severely immunocompromised hosts and there are treatment regimens available.

Century Pacific increased revenue in first six-month period

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PHILIPPINES: Canned food producer Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF) experienced an 8-per cent year-on-year growth in the first semester net profit, which reached PHP 1.47 billion (USD 2.91 million). Besides, it improved its branded food business and saw a strong recovery in exports.

The firm's generated total consolidated revenues hit PHP 16.05 billion (USD 3.18 million) for the first half, representing an increase of 23 per cent from the same period last year, Inquirer Net informed.

IATTC accepts Chile as 'cooperating non-party member'

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CHILE: At its last meeting, held in Mexico City, the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) approved Chile’s request to participate in this organization with the status of Cooperating Non-Party State.

The Commission establishes two ways of participating: as a Member State, that is, with voting rights and indefinite participation; and as a Cooperating Non-Party State, status giving the right to participate in the convention, without the right to vote, and for a period of one year, which may be renewed.

USD 940,000 allocated for regional productive development initiatives in artisanal fisheries

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CHILE: A total of 28 productive development projects for CLP 612.5 million (around USD 940,000) were approved at the first session of the Regional Allocation Council (CAR Fisheries) of the Biobío Region.

The financial support is part of the "Management and Productive Development in Artisanal Fisheries" program, corresponding to the agreement between the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SUBPESCA) and the regional Government.

Canned fish producer plans public offering

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BRAZIL: Food producer Camil Alimentos submitted a request to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) for an initial public offering (IPO).

The operation, scheduled for October, aims to release current shareholders of the company and raise new resources.

Among its main shareholders, the group has the investment fund Warburg Pincus, which last year acquired a 31.75 per cent stake.

Tilapia exports fall 17 pct in the first four months

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HONDURAS: In the first four months of this year, exports of tilapia fillets from Honduras generated USD 17.2 million in revenues from the sale of 3,027.5 tonnes of this product, according to a report by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH).

These figures are somewhat lower than those recorded in the first four months of 2016, when 3,549.7 tonnes of fillets worth USD 20.8 million were exported.

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