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Bluefin tuna auctioned for more than USD 600,000 at Tsukiji market

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JAPAN : A 212-kilogram bluefin tuna was sold for JPY 74.2 million (USD 630,400) in Tokyo, the second highest recorded price in the year's first auction of the famous Tsukiji fish market.

Once again, the winning bid was placed by Kiyomura Corp., the operator of a popular sushi restaurant chain, which in 2013, paid a record price of JPY 155 million (USD 1.3 million) for the first tuna auctioned that year.

'Sustainable tuna' catch from PNA’s waters could double in 2017

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MARSHALL ISLANDS: Catches of tuna in the waters of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) are expected to double in 2017, owing to the growing demand from the world market for wild tuna certified as sustainable and fishing industry interest.
According to Ludwig Kumoru, PNA CEO,tuna fishing fleets complying with strict chain of custody rules that met Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification requirements, delivered over 55,000 metric tonnes of sustainably caught free school tuna to market in 2016.

Tilapia skin used to treat patient with serious burns

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BRAZIL :A Brazilian woman who suffered from serious burns caused by an explosion was given a pioneering new treatment using tilapia skin to reduce her injuries.

The woman had been the victim of an explosion from a gas canister at a restaurant in Russas, north east Brazil, where she worked as a waitress. The accident caused serious burns on her arms, neck and some of her face, The Sun reported.

Good fish catch expected in Cambodia

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CAMBODIA - Government officials are predicting a good catch of fish, typically used to make prahok, a salted and fermented fish paste, this season due to higher water levels in the Tonle Sap Lake and river.

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