Technical Advisory

The Technical Advisory Service provides technical and related information and support on all aspects of fishing, aquaculture and post-harvest activities. The Technical Advisory Service is backed by

  • Technical Information Center stocked with up-to-date information.
  • Computerized Register of Equipment and Supplies.
  • Computerized Register of Consultants.
  • Computerized Database of Bibliographic References.
  • Photo and Video Library.

Technical information : 


Species; culture systems (ponds, cages, pens, tanks, raceways etc); biology; economics; health management; feeds and feed management; soil and water quality monitoring and management; sustainable farming/ best aquaculture practices; certification; organic aquaculture; hatchery, nursing and grow out; predator control; probiotics; integrated farming systems; ornamental fish culture; fresh water, brackish water and marine aquaculture; recirculating aquaculture systems etc.


Fish species identification; biology; fisheries management; fisheries regulations; resource survey; fishing gear, technology and equipment; by-catch reduction; fishing vessels; fishing harbours; impacts of global warming on fisheries; responsible fishing practices; fisheries certification; marine parks; manufacturers and suppliers of inputs and services; IUU fishing etc.

Post-harvest Technology and Quality Control

On board handling; aquaculture harvesting; live, chilled and refrigerated transport; sanitation and hygiene; cold chain management; fishing harbour design and management; processing technology and equipment; inspection and quality control; HACCP; traceability; products and value addition; cold storage; packaging; by product utilization; bio-fuels; effluent treatment etc.