Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Pre-Registration:  17.00 – 20.00


Day 1: Wednesday, 13 September 2017


09.00     Opening Ceremony

            Welcome address and Official Opening by Hon. Peter Oneil, MP, Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea

            Special addresses:

    • Hon. Patrick Basa, Minister of Fisheries, PNG
    • Ms Shirlene Anthonysamy, Acting Director, INFOFISH


            Photo session (VIPs)

10.00     Press Conference



10.30   Keynote Address:

              Mr Feleti Teo, Executive Director, Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), Federal States of Micronesia

Session I: Resources and Supply

Chairperson: Dr Transform Aqorau, Legal Consultant - PNA Office, Rakutu, Munda/Noro,

New Georgia, Western Province, Solomon Islands


11.20     Developing Harvest Strategies for the Western Central Pacific Tuna Fishery, Dr Robert Scott, Oceanic Fisheries Programme,
               Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), New Caledonia

11.40     The significance of the VDS in Tuna Purse Seine Fisheries and Outlook for Expanding VDS to Longline Tuna Fisheries,  
            Ludwig Kumoru, Executive Director, Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), Marshall Islands.

12.00     The Impacts of Climate Change on Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, Dr Valerie Allain,
               Fisheries Research Scientist, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), New Caledonia

12:20     WTPO Working together with PNA and Pacific Island Countries to Ensure Sustainable Tuna Stocks and in the
               Promotion of Sustainable Development to Tuna Industry in the Pacific, WTPO


12:40     Lunch

Session II: Tuna Industry and Investment Opportunities

Chairperson: Mr Brett Haywood, President, Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association (PITIA), Solomon Islands

14.00     Regional Road Map for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries, James Movick, Director General, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA),
               Solomon Islands

14.20     Papua New Guinea, John Kasu, Managing Director, National Fisheries Authority (NFA), Papua New Guinea

14.40     Fiji, Sanaila Naqali, Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries, Fiji

15.00     Solomon Islands

15.20     Other Pacific Island Countries, Tony Sullivan, Investment Facilitation Manager, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA),
                Solomon Islands

15.40     Small-scale canning for bycatch Utilisation – SME Opportunity and Food Security, Maurice Brownjohn, Commercial Manager,
               Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA), Marshall Islands

16.00     Tea break

16.20     Ulitisation of Tuna by-products, Joelyn Sentina, Trade Promotion Officer, Trade Promotion Division, INFOFISH, Malaysia

16.40     Challenges and Opportunities in Growing Pacific Islands Based Tuna Fishing and Processing Industries,
            John Maefiti, Executive Officer, Pacific Islands Tuna Industry Association (PITIA),
               Solomon Islands and Sylvester Pokajam, President, PNG Fishing Industry Association, Papua New Guinea

17.00     The Viability of Longlining in the Southern Albacore Fishery

17.20     Korean Fishing Fleets Operations in the Pacific and Projected Investments, Sancho Kim, Operation & Sales Manager,
               Silla Co Ltd, Korea

17.40     Discussions

18.00     Close

19.00     Welcome Cocktail: Hosted by Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources of Papua New Guinea


Day 2:    Thursday, 14 September 2017

Session III: Global Tuna Trade and Markets

Chairperson: Mr Pedro Castillo Celso, CEO, PEC Holdings Inc. and Chairman & President, Cebu Hotel Plus Corporation, Philippines

08.20     Analysing International Markets’ Frameworks and Trade Dynamics: Greater Transparency and Dialogue Towards Inclusive Trade for
               Tuna, YoonJee Kim, Fisheries and Aquaculture Officer (Trade and Regulatory Matters), Products, Trade and Marketing Branch,
                Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome, Italy

08.40     Why the EU Market Desperately Needs More Pacific Tuna Supply, Henk Brus, Managing Director, Pacifical cv, The Netherlands

09.00     Tuna Trends in Asia, Shirlene Anthonysamy, Acting Director, INFOFISH, Malaysia

09.20     Latin America Market for Canned Tuna: A New Era of Open Cooperation and Takeovers by Asia Pacific?  Dario Chemerinski,
               Senior Project Manager, Latin America & Asia, Sao Paulo Office, Brazil

09.40     Tea Break

10.00     Middle East: A Market of Turmoil for Canned Tuna, Arnab Sengupta, Director, Phoenix Commodities, UAE

10.20     BREXIT and the Pacific

10.40     Discussions

Session IV: Financing Tuna Projects

Chairperson: Mr James Movick, Director General, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Solomon Islands

11.00     Sustainable Financing in the Renewable Sector/Fisheries in the Pacific Region, International Finance Corporation (IFC), PNG

11.20     Possibilities of Investing in the Fisheries Sector by Superfunds and Financial Institutions, a Country Experience,
               Michael Wate, Deputy General Manager, Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF), Solomon Islands

11.40     Enabling Access to Finance Through the Fish 2.0 Competition, Monica Jain, Founder and Executive Director,
               Manta Consulting Inc / Fish 2.0, USA

12.00     Discussions  

12.20     Lunch


Session V: Sustainability, Eco-labelling and Technological Development

Chairperson: Dr Transform Aqorau, Legal Consultant- PNA Office,Rakutu, Munda/Noro,

New Georgia,Western Province,Solomon Islands

14.00     Advances in Catch Documentation Systems in the Region, Francisco Blaha, International Fisheries Advisor, New Zealand

14.20     An Update on IUU Mitigation Strategies and Implementation, Hugh Walton, Chief Technical Adviser and Project Coordinator,
               Oceanic Fisheries Management Project, Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Solomon Islands

Market access issues

14.40     Beyond Social Accountability Standards and Crew Welfare in the Tuna Value Chain, Marcelo Hidalgo, Consultant, Seafoodmatter,
                The Netherlands

15.00     Updates on EU Ban on Dial Purpose of Fish Wells for Diesel and Fish, Francisco Blaha, International Fisheries Advisor, New Zealand

15.20     The Market for one-by-one: A Review of Demand Trends and Challenges, Jeremy Crawford, Southeast Asia Director,
                International Pole and Line Foundation, Bali, Indonesia

15.40     Tea break

Processing and Technology

16.20     FIMS and e-reporting

16.40     Satlink SeaTube Definite Solution for Electronic Monitoring, Javier de la Cal, Regional Sales Manager (Asia-Pacific), Satlink S.L., Spain

17.00     Discussions

Sharing the Benefits of Eco-labelling

17.15-18.00     Panel Discussion

●        Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Bill Holden, Senior Fisheries Manager – Oceania & SE Asia,
           Marine Stewardship Council Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd., Australia

●          Friend of the Sea and Dolphin-Safe Programme Updates, Paolo Bray, Founder and Director, Friend of the Sea, Italy

●          Greenpeace

●          Pacifical cv, Henk Brus, Managing Director, Pacifical cv, The Netherlands


18.15     Closing remarks: INFOFISH and NFA

19.00     Gala Dinner: Hosted by the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea