Latest Projects

On-going Projects:

  • CFC / FAO / INFOFISH Project (CFC/FSCFPT/29) on ” promotion of Processing and Marketing of Frreshwater Fish Products : Bangladesh,India,Indonesia,Pakistan and Sri Lanka”

Past Projects:

  • CFC/ FAO/ INFOFISH Project (CFC/FSCFT/24) on “Organic Aquaculture in Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia”.
  • FAO Project (GCP/INS/078/SPA) on establishing “Fish Marketing Information for Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) in Indonesia”.
  • Strengthening National Capabilities in Seafood Trade Policy including Risk Assessment and Traceability
    – FAO-TCP Project (TCP/RAS/3011)
  • “Promotion of Processing and Marketing of Value-added Tuna Products from Island Countries in the Asia-Pacific”
    – Maldives and Papua New Guinea.
    – CFC/ FAO/ INFOFISH Project (CFC/FSCFT/18)
  • “Export Promotion of Value-added Fishery Products and their Sustainable Development”
    – CFC/ FAO/ INFOFISH Project (CFC/FSCFT/02)
    – Bangladesh.
  • Young Fisheries Professionals training programme from Africa – GCP/INT/643/JPN (FAO project).
  • Market study/product development of Chilean canned seafood products in Southeast Asia
    – (Fundacion Chile).
  • Market and marketing study of selected fishery products from Malaysia – (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority).
  • Market study on value-added cephalopod products from Peru – (Prompex, Peru).
  • Benefits and costs of WTO membership for the food, agriculture, fishery and forestry sectors of small island countries in the Pacific. – TCP/RAS/2906
  • Study on global Tuna industry status and prospects with special reference to Malaysia – (Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia).
  • Market study of white shrimp from Saudi Arabia – (Saudi Fisheries).
  • Study on “Product and market diversification of Brazilian shrimp products” for the Association of Brazilian Seafood Exporters.
  • “Strengthening of fish handling, processing and quality assurance” – TCDC expert on seafood export marketing. – Pakistan TCP/PAK/0167.
  • “Management of Tuna fishing capacity: conservation and socio-economics” collection of data/information on tuna markets and industry in Asia-Pacific. – GCP/INT/851/JPN
  • Setting up of Aqua-technology parks in Chennai and Cochin, India. – India
  • Study on “Cost and earnings in fish processing – sector study – Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines”.
  • Global fishery products database (FAO).
  • Marketing study on Nile perch in Asia (CFC/FAO/COMESA).
  • Studies on global industry status and prospects of Shrimp, Fin fish and Seaweed with special reference to Malaysia (Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia).
  • SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Programme) assisted participation in Bremen and Brussels seafood fairs by selected Bangladeshi and Indonesian export-processors to promote product/ market diversification.
  • Promotion of organic farming of freshwater prawn in Khulna/Borisal areas of Bangladesh with the view to establishing a sustainable, environment friendly fishery which would ultimately lead to eco-labeling of the product. The activity will be supported by SIPPO.
  • Bangladesh – Shrimp technical sessions and market promotion . – Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2004.
  • Sarawak field survey/ consultancy on Assessment of fishery resource and industry followed by Seminar on “Exports and Market Potential for Fish and Fish Products of Sarawak” – November/December 2006.
  • Shrimp farm survey, Kedah, Malaysia – advisory service related to techno-economic feasibility (May 2007).
  • Tuna long-lining survey and a series of fishing trial.- India (2007).
  • Design/ management aspects of a new wholesale fish market in Colombo, Sri Lanka for Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.- Sri Lanka (February 2009).
  • Study on pectin traceability, sanitary regulations and market requirements in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand and participation in the terminal workshop APEC FWG 04/2008 “Harmonizing quality and traceability standards for Pecten trade in the Asia-Pacific region” – Lima, Peru.
  • Study on “global market prospects for aquaculture shrimp and shrimp products” – Sarawak, East Malaysia.