The Indonesian Catfish Entrepreneurs Association (APCI) is preparing to fly to DUBAI - to join the event as one of the exhibitors at the Middle East SEAFEX, October 30 - November 1, 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Center. Under the coordination of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), and supported by SMART-Fish Program of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), APCI will launch a new Pangasius (catfish) brand for the international community: "Indonesian Pangasius - The Better Choice". The launching event will be held at the SEAFEX tradeshow on October 30, 2018, at 1pm local time, at the Indonesian pavilion at stands Z3-G41 and G42.

The Indonesian pangasius industry has witnessed a dramatic growth over the last ten years with an increase from 33,000 tons (live weight) in 2006 to currently around 450-500,000 tons (live weight). It makes Indonesia the world's second largest producer of pangasius fish. Until today the total production is being consumed in the domestic market where pangasius has become the most popular fish fillet and takes up half of the total consumption of fillet fish in the country. Besides being marketed in supermarkets for household consumers, pangasius fillets have gained a strategic place in the food service industry in Indonesia that serves hotels, restaurants, catering and airlines.

The participation at SEAFEX and the launch of the Indonesian pangasius brand mark the start of opening up international markets for Indonesian pangasius.. APCI, together with the leading pangasius processors, are ready to present themselves to the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was chosen based on its high potential as a gateway to Middle Eastern markets.

As explained by Suhadi, Chairman of APCI: “We notice a growing demand from Middle East countries in recent years. On the one hand from the tourism sector and on the other hand from the food service industry to cater for Hajj and Umrah activities. We will be happy to serve these markets.” 

The Indonesian government provides great support for the Pangasius industry. As stated by Dr Ir. Slamet Subijakto, the Director General of Aquaculture, MMAF: “We give appreciation and support to APCI in expanding the catfish market including exports to the Middle East. Through a good catfish cultivation and processing system that has been implemented in Indonesia, food safety and traceability of catfish products can be guaranteed in compliance with the standards desired by the international market.”

Asked why Indonesian pangasius is branded as “The Better Choice”, Suhadi from APCI explains: “There are numerous reasons why we consider Indonesian pangasius to be a better choice. One of the main reasons is that our pangasius is raised with probiotics instead of antibiotics. That makes it a really healthy option. But also, Indonesian pangasius is farmed in ponds using clean ground water and in lower densities and less intensive compared to other supplying countries. If you want to discover more benefits of Indonesian pangasius and meet the suppliers, come and meet us at the SEAFEX show. We are happy to welcome you at the brand launching and network event at SEAFEX.”


 About APCI

The Indonesian Catfish Entrepreneurs Association (APCI) is an association for the Indonesian pangasius (catfish) processing industry and producers. APCI was established in Bogor, Indonesia in February 2009. Its role and responsibilities are to support and encourage the development of Indonesian pangasius fish industry in a sustainable and competitive environment. APCI members consist of fish farmers, processing companies, and pangasius fish traders. At present, there are more than 400 fish farmers and six processing companies for pangasius fish products.  To improve the competitiveness of pangasius value chain in Indonesia, SMART-Fish Program ( which is jointly implemented by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and the MMAF and funded by Swiss government (SECO), has conducted many initiatives since 2015. The activities range from coaching APCI’s members in feed formulation, good aquaculture practices and efficiency in the processing, brand development and promotion: Indonesia Pangasius.



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