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Forum highlights problems facing women in Fiji's fisheries

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Fiji: Women still face problems when it comes to marketing, distributing and subsistence food needs in the country.

This was one of the major issues discussed at the first Women in Fisheries (WIF) Forum held in Suva last week.

Aliti Vunisea, a member of the WIF, said the major reason contributing to these was not many young women and men took up studies in the fisheries field.

She said women operated at all levels of the supply chain in the country.


"They are suppliers, post-harvest, middle sellers, buyers, sellers, domestic and the export market with little training," Ms Vunisea said.

She said there were many changes seen when it came to women involving themselves in the fisheries sector.

"Networks are formed and strengthened, which maximised the traditional links and ties and products got shifted across islands and towns," she said.

She said the WIF was working on a five-year strategic plan to enhance its current approach.

The one-day forum was held in collaboration with Ministry of Fisheries, Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area (FLMMA) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).
Source: Fiji Times

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