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Tilapia cage farming encouraged, with support of Taiwan

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HONDURAS : With the installation of four floating cages, the training of more than 100 people and the organization of fishermen's cooperatives, the Government of Honduras seeks to increase the production of tilapia and improve the income of the fishermen of the Gulf of Fonseca.


These actions will be developed within the framework of the project "Tilapia Farming in Floating Cages in Brackish Waters of the Gulf of Fonseca", with financial support of HNL 13 million (USD 550,000) - and also at technical level - of the Government of China Taiwan, and with Honduran Government’s contribution of HNL 2 million (USD 85,500).

With this initiative, theSecretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) seeks to support tilapia producers so that they can reach an annual production of 100 tonnes.

At the same time, this will allow to increase the economic income of the artisan fishermen of San Lorenzo, as well as the diversification of their work.

The project was submitted by the Government of Honduras to the Government of China Taiwan and is expected to take advantage of the experience and technologies of that country.

To this end, both governments legalized a memorandum of understanding last year to formalize the project.

In the area of the Gulf of Fonseca there is an overexploitation of fish by local fishermen, and this is causing the decline of some resources and a negative impact on the income of the fishermen.

Last year, Honduras exported about 20 million pounds of tilapia, which generated.FIS

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