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Govt. opens tender to boost aquaculture

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QATAR: In order to stimulate private sector participation in economic development projects, the Qatar Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) Technical Committee promotes the execution of three fish farming and one aquaculture projects through a public tender process.


The total marine area allocated for the first three project amounts to 270 hectares, with 90 hectares for each fish farmfor each farming cage for breeding fish to be installed in deep waters in northern Qatar.

According to the ministry, the annual productivity of each of these plans should not be less than 2,000 tonnes a year. The farms must reach the maximum production capacity within 36 months of their implementation.

The initiative also includes the establishment of a separate shrimp farm in the coastal area of Al Arish, Ash Shamal township, which will cover 111 hectares. The expected production capacity is 1,000 tonnes per year.

“The projects aim to reduce the gap between the supply and demand in the domestic market of high-quality products of both fish and prawns, and develop a strategic stock of them with competitive prices by the private sector,” the MEC noted.

The deadline for submitting applications for the above projects expires in July of this year.FIS

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