Malaysia set to boost tilapia production

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The fisheries department has launched a range of programmes in collaboration with WorldFish
to improve tilapia production in the country. (Image Source:WorldFish/Flickr)
According to the Fisheries Department, about 35,400 mt of tilapia worth US$60.93m in production value were recorded in Malaysia last year. The aim is to boost tilapia production by more than 70 per cent within the next four years.

Cost-efficient microalgae farming method developed

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GERMANY :Scientists of Cologne University have developed a more cost-efficient method to cultivate algae, which could lead to an increase in the use of microalgae in a wide range of applications – from food production to medical applications and nutrient recovery.

Investments sought to develop Natuna fisheries industry

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Illegal fishing vessels. (Photo: Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan Republik Indonesia)
INDONESIA: Indonesian authorities intend to attract foreign investors to develop fisheries in the Natuna and Riau islands, around which foreign boats seized for conducting illegal fishing activities will be sunk on August 17, the country’s Independence Day.

Pew insists on the need to ban Pacific bluefin tuna fishing

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WORLDWIDE: The Pew Charitable Trusts has called for a two-year moratorium on commercial fishing of the highly depleted Pacific bluefin tuna, as this resource has been highly depleted. The non-government organisation warns that scientists have found that the population is at just 2.6 per cent of its historic size and that overall fishing mortality remains up to three times higher than is sustainable.

'New era in the fight against illegal fishing,’ starts, FAO states

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IUU fishing is estimated to add captures reaching 26 million tonnes each year. (Photo: Greenpeace)
WORLDWIDE: The Port State Measures Agreement "marks the beginning of a new era in the fight against illegal fishing," but it is necessary to act quickly to ensure that its implementation is effective, yesterday ensured FAO director general Jose Graziano da Silva, in an event centred on the first international treaty in the world specifically aimed at combating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Dept sets high target for tilapia production

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MALAYSIA: About 35,400 metric tonnes of tilapia worth RM248mil in production value were recorded in Malaysia in 2015, said Fisheries Department Director-general Datuk Ismail Abu Hassan.

He said the department had set the production of tilapia, worth MYR 7,000 per tonne and MYR 12,000 per tonne in retail, to reach 130,000 metric tonnes by 2020 to meet the nationwide demand.

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