Video: PTF 2015

Tuna 2016

14th InfoFish World Tuna Trade Conference & Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016.


Pacific Tuna Forum

5th Regional Tuna Industry And Trade Conference, At Sofitel Resort, Denarau, Nadi, Fiji, On 22-23 Sep 2015.

Event Article

Safety of fisheries observers needs to be addressed

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WORLDWIDE: The conservation organisation WWF is calling upon fishery managers to urgently address the increasing assaults and intimidations targeted at fisheries observers and to immediately take measures to ensure their health and safety onboard fishing vessels.

Scientists reveal ocean fish camouflage secrets

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Simulated view of how fish camouflage in the sea. (Photo: Cummings lab.)


UNITED STATES A team of scientists from the University of Texas, Austin, has found out that certain fish use microscopic structures called platelets in their skin cells to reflect polarized light, which allows the fish to seemingly disappear from their predators.

The discovery of this method, known as ocean camouflage, could help materials scientists and military technologists create more effective methods of ocean camouflage.

According to the report describing the discovery results, published in the journalScience, polarized light is made up of light waves all traveling in the same plane, such as the bright glare you sometimes see when sunlight reflects off the surface of water.

Peru becomes an active member of SPRFMO

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The Full Congress of the Republic unanimously at its last session, passed the Legislative Resolution Bill approving the Convention on the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation, SPRFMO, signed on 14 November 2009 and signed by Peru on 20 April, 2010.

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