CPF recognises Thailand's progress in ending IUU fishing

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THAILAND :Public and private sectors in Thailand working together to end illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) have achieved "tangible" progress although they still need to work more to attain "IUU-free status," argue the managers of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF).

Iconic Tsukiji market finally closed its doors

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JAPAN: After 83 years in operation, the Tsukiji fish market was finally moved to a new site at the Toyosu waterfront area, an artificial island in Tokyo bay.

Tokyo's iconic market closed its doors on 6 October 2018, when the last tuna auction took place. The new market, which has a surface of 407,000 square metres, is scheduled to open on 11 October 2018.

Minister announces new campaign in CONXEMAR to promote seafood consumption

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SPAIN : The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food participated on Tuesday in the opening of the XX International Fair of Frozen Seafood (CONXEMAR), an annual meeting for the entire seafood processing sector, distributor, importer and exporter.
For the minister, this fair that is held in Vigo, Galicia, is a reference, a showcase of quality products, combined with cutting-edge technology.

World aquaculture would reach 109 million tonnes in 2030

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SPAIN : Aquaculture contributes to reducing poverty, facilitates access to food, fosters local and international trade, improves the use of resources and offers employment opportunities. In addition, and as indicated by the hundred experts gathered in Madrid at the International Conference on Sustainability "From the sea to the table", organized by the Norwegian Seafood Council, together with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy, fishing and aquaculture are essential for the conservation of oceans, seas and marine resources and contribute to sustainable development.
According to the predictions of the United Nations, in 2050 the world population will have exceeded 10 billion people, a fact that will cause a 70 per cent increase in food production and will require the implementation of more efficient and sustainable practices to supply global demand.

Pacific leaders welcome aerial surveillance

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Pacific Forum leaders have welcomed the increased air surveillance capacity of the new Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) Aerial Surveillance Program funded by Australia under the Pacific Maritime Security Program, PMSP.
In a special event hosted at Nauru International Airport, leaders were able to inspect one of two King Air200 aircraft, fitted with high tech sensor, avionics and communications technologies capable of detecting fishing vessels over a broad range of ocean.

Training program for regional fishermen launched

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CHILE : Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) launched a technology transfer program to train artisanal fishermen from the Coquimbo region, with support from the Sub-secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SUBPESCA) and financed by the Corporation for the Promotion of Production (Corfo).

Meat and seafood demand growth in Asia could strain the environment

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MALAYSIA: Meat and seafood demand in Asia over the next three decades will grow by 78 per cent, leading to huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions and antibiotics used in foods, according to a report by a Singapore-based consultancy firm.
The firm, Asia Research and Engagement Pte Ltd., points out that from 2017 to 2050 with supply chains ramping up to meet demand, greenhouse gas emissions will jump from 2.9 billion tons of CO2 per year to 5.4 billion tons, the equivalent of the lifetime emissions of 95 million cars.

Canning sector insists on more non-tariff tuna to be competitive

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SPAIN: In an attempt not to unbalance the interests of the tuna fleet and that of the tuna processing industry, Minister of Agriculture Luis Planas told Brussels that in the next three years (2019-2021) it is necessary maintain the autonomous quotas of tuna loins as they are, but, both sectors consider that he has not succeeded.

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